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I Stegi

Animal Shelter of Kalampaka

The object of our Association is to provide care,accomodation,fostering and veterinary services within the area of Kalampaka,Greece,for animals that are in neeed of care and protection by reason of sickness,maltreatment and abandonment,and to educate the public in the care and welfare of animals.


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If you are interested in adopting one of Our Dogs, please take a few moments to read our Adoption Policy. We also have some useful advice in our Usuful Information section on Dog Health, Adoption Advice and Preparing For Ownership.

You can also email us at  with subject 'Adoption' and we will get in touch with you for the details.

All our adoprions are free of charge.




We are also seeking fosterers.  Do you have the time, patience and love to become a fosterer for one of our animals.  Care plans and support are readily available to assist in the care of your fostered animal.

 The main reasons why most animals require fostering are listed below and gives guidance on the type of attributes that would be needed to give the appropriate care.

Young animals that require fostering

We occasionally have puppies that require care, love and attention which  can be best provided in a warm homely environment.  This is a vitally important time in their development/life when they learn and progress into friendly, healthy and happy animals.  We do our utmost to provide them with the care that they require but nothing compares to a loving home environment.  Do you have the love and time to invest in the life of a young and vulnerable animal?

Older animals that require fostering

We often have very lonely and sad elderly animals who just require a few home comforts. Their needs are few and the reward of being able to offer them companionship and care in their later years is immeasurable.  

Animals with behavioural help that require fostering

Sometimes through no fault of their own and due to difficult or unpleasant experiences that they have had to endure throughout their lives  we receive animals who do not have the social-skills/coping strategies to deal with the day to day challenges that life can bring.  Do you have the time, experience, compassion and calm manner to show these animals that life can be good fun too?

Animals with ailments that require fostering

Animals arrive at our door with various ailments – some minor, some can be life threatening.  We at the Stegi  believe that whenever possible and viable, all these animals deserve the best chance we can give them.  Some of our animals can have terminal conditions but are otherwise happy and still have a zest for life.  In this case we look for very special people who can provide the love, care and compassion that these animals deserve in the latter part of their life.

If you are interested in fostering one of these animals please contact us at  with subject 'Fostering' and we will get in touch with you.