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I Stegi

Animal Shelter of Kalampaka

The object of our Association is to provide care,accomodation,fostering and veterinary services within the area of Kalampaka,Greece,for animals that are in neeed of care and protection by reason of sickness,maltreatment and abandonment,and to educate the public in the care and welfare of animals.

Adoption Policy

All dogs are assessed when they arrive so we can tell you a little bit about their personality, their approximate age, whether they have been tested with other dogs and if they have any apparent health problems.

We are a responsible rehoming centre. Due to the lack of history available on our stray dogs, it is normally the policy of the Charity to not rehome these dogs to households with children under the age of 10 years. There may be some degree of flexibility regarding some of the dogs available for adoption. 

In the first instance we ask all family members to visit the dog for a meet and greet. If you have another dog he/she should come along too. We ask all potential adopters to complete two separate visits, after this we will then arrange for a home visit so we can satisfy ourselves that you have a suitable home for the dog, in particular a secure garden.

Some of our dogs are signed over by their owners but most arrive as strays. You should therefore be prepared to allow a period of adjustment for your new friend and the odd wee on the floor or small amount of chewing will subside once they settle in.

Most of our dogs are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated before leaving the shelter. They will also be wormed and flea treated.All our adoptions are free of charge

Adopting a rescue dog is a wonderful thing and we are very grateful to everyone that has taken in one of our dogs over the years.We are always on hand to offer follow up advice if there will be any problem. 

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