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I Stegi

Animal Shelter of Kalampaka

The object of our Association is to provide care,accomodation,fostering and veterinary services within the area of Kalampaka,Greece,for animals that are in neeed of care and protection by reason of sickness,maltreatment and abandonment,and to educate the public in the care and welfare of animals.

Become A Donor

Make A Donation

By donating to our Animals' Refuge you are providing a safe place for all animals in their time of need, regardless of their background. Your contribution goes straight to work helping hundreds of animals every year by providing shelter,food and medicine.

We receive no governmen funding and rely entirely on the incredible generosity of our supporters. Even the smallest donation can have the biggest of impacts and work toward changing the lives of animals.

To make a donation to us,press the 'Donation' button which is located on our Home page and put any amount that you would like to donate.



Become a Regular Donor

By becoming a regular donor, you can help support our long term intensive care residents and fund the vital care they need for a brighter future.

Every year we take in hundreds of homeless or abandoned animals, and sometimes,through no fault of the animal, it can be difficult to find a suitable home and stay with us for a long period of time.We have dogs that stay with us for three years.

 Regular giving is the foundation stone of our fundraising and the only income we can reasonably forecast on an annual basis. As a regular supporter your help is vital to the success and development of this amazing charity.

 We welcome your regular monthly or quarterly gifts of any amount, but to help you choose the amount that is right for you this may be of interest.

.A gift of 5 euro per month contributes to vaccinate one dog

.A gift of 10 euro per month contributes to microchipping of one dog

.15 euro a month will help us cover the food expenses of one dog for a month

.20 euro a month helps us pay for the medicine of one suffering from chronic disease

.A donation of 25 euro a month will help cover some of our vets bill each month for the animals in our care.

If you are interested in becoming a Regular Supporter please contact us at  with subject 'Regular Support' or press the 'Donate' button on our Home page and put the monthly amount of money that you would like to donate to us