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I Stegi

Animal Shelter of Kalampaka

The object of our Association is to provide care,accomodation,fostering and veterinary services within the area of Kalampaka,Greece,for animals that are in neeed of care and protection by reason of sickness,maltreatment and abandonment,and to educate the public in the care and welfare of animals.


Kiko was born on the road to neighbouring village together with his two brothers on October of 2013 and he is a griffon cross.

The teacher of that village,after having trying very much to find a solution for him and his brothers because they were in danger of the passing cars,he asked from us to accomodate them and he covers their food expenses.

We,of course,made all the necessary medical examinations, vaccinations and treatments.

He hates cold and he waits to find a warm home by next winter.

Chip number:900182000990475