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I Stegi

Animal Shelter of Kalampaka

The object of our Association is to provide care,accomodation,fostering and veterinary services within the area of Kalampaka,Greece,for animals that are in neeed of care and protection by reason of sickness,maltreatment and abandonment,and to educate the public in the care and welfare of animals.


Kanela was abandoned behind the Medical Centre of our town.She was bony and very scared.She didn't come closer and she was staring as if she was waiting for the person who abandoned her.

For at least one week we put her food and she was only eating when we were standing at a distance.

The next week she started to follow our car and to eat at our presence but she was keeping hiding.

At the end of second week we became friends and since then she is with us,in normal weight now.She is vaccinated,wormed,neutered,microchipped and she is negative to leishmania test

Chip number:900182001094318